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Software Developer

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Last updated: 4 Aug 2023

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I am a software enthusiast, driven by my strong belief that my experience, education, and skill set align perfectly with the application of innovative technology to improve and optimize work processes through automated solutions. With a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a Master's degree in Information Technology, I have acquired a solid foundation in information technology practices and graduated with distinction. My academic journey not only equipped me with essential technical knowledge but also honed my transferable skills, making me an adaptable and valuable asset in dynamic team environments. To further enrich my expertise, I pursued another Master's degree in Software Engineering, which deepened my understanding of software development, architecture, and its life cycles. This additional knowledge empowers me to provide cutting-edge solutions and innovative-driven models to tackle complex challenges in the technology industry. Throughout my career, I have fostered a passion for continuous learning and self-improvement. I possess a proactive self-learning strategy, which has allowed me to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology landscape. I thrive both as an independent contributor and as a collaborative team member, maintaining strong business communication and interpersonal skills with colleagues and clients alike. My problem-solving abilities have enabled me to contribute effectively as a team member, delivering value to project outcomes. I have also had the privilege of taking on leadership roles, successfully leading project deliveries. An essential aspect of my success lies in my commitment to knowledge sharing. I am an advocate for open learning and have actively trained colleagues, junior developers, and citizen developers in the fundamentals of software development and automation. This commitment to fostering a culture of learning has helped create a more innovative and growth-oriented work environment

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