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Senior Android Developer

Dedicated Android Developer with a decade of experience, aiming to contribute expertise in modern app development frameworks and programming languages. Proven track record in crafting user-friendly...

Hounslow, United Kingdom

Kotlin 6 Java 4

Java developer

I'm a Java developer with experience in the both backend (Java, Spring, microservices) and frontend (Android, Dagger, RxJava2) parts of development. Also, I'm interested in Scala (self-education,...

Wigan, United Kingdom

Back-end development (Java) 2 Android 5 SQL 5 NoSQL 1 Spring 2

Data Scientist

With over eight years of experience in data management, analysis, and reporting, I am a seasoned data analyst with a master's degree in data science and analytics and a certification in SQL Server....

London, United Kingdom

Transact-SQL (T-SQL) 8 SQL 8 Java 2 Python 1 R (programming language) 1 ERP consulting 4 Data analysis 4 Data science 2 Microsoft Power BI 1 Business analyse 4

Technical Architect

Experienced Technical Solutions Architect/Analyst, with experience of designing and delivering solutions for several multinational pharmaceutical companies. Has experience of developing and designing...

Croydon, United Kingdom

Project management 10 Database Architect 15 SESAM/SQL Server 15 Java 5 C# 10

Any project Digital

Hi there! I'm abdullahi, your all-in-one digital freelancer available on this fantastic job board. I bring a wealth of skills covering everything digital, making me your ideal partner for a variety...

Wembley, United Kingdom

Web development (allg.) 4 Java 3 SEO / SEM 5 Information graphics 4 Vector graphics programs 4 Advertising 5 Computer animation / 3D animation 4 Logo design 5 Adobe Photoshop 6 Illustration 4

Full Stack Developer-Java

Around 9+ years of experience as Java/J2EE/Full stack developer/Front-end UI Developer with specialization in development, and customization of software applications, to deliver robust and scalable...

READING, United Kingdom

Java 9 Spring 7 Hibernate (Framework) 7 Angular 3 React (JavaScript library) 3 JavaScript 7 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2 JUnit 7 Ajax 7 Docker 3

Software Engineer

As an accomplished professional with a comprehensive background in data analysis and visualization, I have developed a robust skill set in Python, machine learning, SQL, and Power BI. My vast...

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Python 3 Java 2 Machine learning 2 SQL 3 Data analysis 2 Microsoft Power BI 1 Git 2 Project management 3 Spring Boot 2

Website Developer

A professional software engineering with over 5 years industry experience in website development, Android mobile app development,WordPress, graphic design and digital marketing.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Java 5 Wordpress 5 SEO / SEM 4 Android development 5 Web design 5 Graphic design 10

Software Sage | Technical Lead | Technical Manager | Lead Software Engineer

Strategic, innovative and systematic Technical Leader & Manager with BSc in Computer Science & MSc in Electronic Commerce and over 11 years experience leading software engineering teams towards the...

London, United Kingdom

Java 17 JavaScript 15 JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) 10 jQuery 10 PL/SQL 10 SQL 15 Transact-SQL (T-SQL) 10 HTML5 10 XML 5 Microservices 6

Gm Sumon

I am a full time freelancer feel free Direct message. This world Everyone have a different skill so I Have some skill i can promote Social media, SEO help, website traffic

London Arena, United Kingdom

Java SEO promoter 5