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Richard Harris

I have written articles and stories for many years now. I have picked up multiple different disciplines and have read widely: giving me a breadth of experience that shows in my writing. I’m happy...

Calne, United Kingdom

Creative Writing 7 Technical writing 3 Digital marketing 3 HTML5 3 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 3 Python 2 Author / Writer 7 Copywriter 3 Health and Social care 8 Carpentry 1

Embedded system designer (Aerospace engineer)

Enthusiast in solving new problems with unique solutions. I have been in this engineering solution fields for last 5 years I just completed my MSc aerospace engineering and interested subject is ...

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Arduino, ESP32 7 PCB designing 5 Raspberry pi 2 C++ 5 Python 2 Internet of Things (IoT) 7

Life Sciences & Health Care Informatics Specialist

As a computational biologist at Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and King's College London, I combine my data analytics skills and domain knowledge to find meaning out of bio-medical data and leverage them...

London, United Kingdom

Python 6 R (programming language) 6 Data science 6 Biology 10 Health care 10 Technical consulting 5

Data and Insights Analyst

I am an experienced insights analyst - 4 years of experience - looking for freelance data science and analytics work. My previous role was a permanent position at an agency, working with Fortune...

London, United Kingdom

Python 1 SQL 1 Microsoft Power BI 1 Git 2 Jupyter notebook 2 Google sheets 2 Microsoft Excel 4 Microsoft PowerPoint 4 Insights 4 Data analysis 4

Data Scientist

With over eight years of experience in data management, analysis, and reporting, I am a seasoned data analyst with a master's degree in data science and analytics and a certification in SQL Server....

London, United Kingdom

Transact-SQL (T-SQL) 8 SQL 8 Java 2 Python 1 R (programming language) 1 ERP consulting 4 Data analysis 4 Data science 2 Microsoft Power BI 1 Business analyse 4

Data Analyst

I have been working on data analytics from 1 year I worked on different projects like Olympics medals report using Power BI, and Reduction of unwanted downtime of a machine in an organisation in...

Hatfield, United Kingdom

PostgreSQL 1 Python 1 Microsoft Power BI 1 Tableau 1

Developer - Software and Web

An avid tech enthusiast with multiple years' experience in software and web development. Happy to build bespoke software or websites to suit your needs. From personal portfolio websites to ecommerce...

Burnley, United Kingdom

JavaScript 2 Python 3 HTML5 2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 React (JavaScript library) 2 C++ 3 C 3 Jest 2 Node.js 2

Specialist AI Content Creator, Designer & Published Author

Dedicated and versatile professional, I am an experienced Social, Youth & Community worker, Counsellor, and Content Creator with a passion for leveraging digital technology to make a positive impact....

READING, United Kingdom

AI Content Creator 5 Python 2 Author / Writer 10 Logo design 4 Animation 3 Website 4 Youtube Creator 5 Christian Content Creator 8 Children & teenager book 8

Junior Python developer / Spanish - English Interpreter / Video editor

Born in Argentina and holding Italian citizenship, I have had the opportunity to obtain a pre-settled status in the UK. This international background has endowed me with a diverse perspective and a...

Fort William, United Kingdom

Python, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, Bioinformatic, Social Media 1

Software Engineer

As an accomplished professional with a comprehensive background in data analysis and visualization, I have developed a robust skill set in Python, machine learning, SQL, and Power BI. My vast...

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Python 3 Java 2 Machine learning 2 SQL 3 Data analysis 2 Microsoft Power BI 1 Git 2 Project management 3 Spring Boot 2