Building High-Quality Mobile & Web Applications

Building High-Quality Mobile & Web Applications

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As a Full Stack Developer with 7 years of experience, I am proud to have delivered 100% high-quality success for my previous clients. My passion for building innovative software solutions that meet clients' requirements and exceed their expectations has been the driving force behind my success. I have extensive experience in developing web and mobile applications using React/Next.js/React Native, Node.js/Nest.js, Flutter, and MongoDB or other databases. This has given me a deep understanding of software development, design patterns, and best practices. Additionally, my expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies has enabled me to build innovative solutions for clients, such as chatbots, recommendation systems, and decentralized applications. Throughout my career, I have led the development of large-scale projects and implemented new features that have improved the user experience of web and mobile applications. I have mentored and coached junior developers, sharing my knowledge and best practices to help them improve their skills and grow their careers. Overall, I am passionate about building software that meets clients' needs and solves real-world problems. My 100% success rate with previous clients is a testament to my commitment to quality and my ability to deliver results. Key Skills: - Full Stack Development Frontend Development: React, Next, Angular, Vue Backend Development: Node, Nest, Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, Go, Rust, ASP.NET Mobile Development: Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Flutter - Project Management - Agile Development - Version Control (Git)

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