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Senior Front End Developer

With over 20 years experience in the industry I can bring essential depth of knowledge to diagnose and solve problems rapidly. I specialise in Full Stack development weighted towards the frontend...

Manchester, United Kingdom

JavaScript 18 HTML 23 css 20 React (JavaScript library) 10 PHP 15 WordPress 15 Vue.js 10 MongoDB 10 Node.js 10 Angular 12

Web developer

I am a passionate web developer with a strong affinity for challenges. I thrive on continuous learning, whether it is mastering new frameworks or languages. My true passion lies in problem-solving...

Luton, United Kingdom

JavaScript-Frameworks 1 JavaScript 1 HTML 5 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 5 Angular 1 React (JavaScript library) 1 Vue.js 1 Node.js 1 Git 1 Wordpress 2

Full-stack web developer

Over 40 years IT industry experience as manager, systems analyst, data analyst, business consultant and full-stack web developer. Involved in early stage technology startups. Experience in cloud...

Cambridge, United Kingdom

React (JavaScript library) 5 HTML 20 Javascript 20 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 20 SQL Databases 25 NoSQL Databases 10 REST API 20 Node.js 12 Microsoft Azure 2 AWS 2

Architect Solutions

My goal is to deliver top-notch software/system architectures, specializing in cloud applications. We achieve this by creating innovative software solutions focused on business strategies, providing...

Stanwell, United Kingdom

C# 10 Flutter 5 .Net Framework (Mircosoft) 10 React (JavaScript library) 5

WordPress and WooCommerce Specialist

Hi there! 👋 I'm Jonathan, a passionate web developer with a knack for anything WordPress and WooCommerce. With 20+ of experience in web development, I bring a wide range of web skills to the table....

Llanfyllin, United Kingdom

PHP 20 WordPress 15 WooCommerce 15 Next.js 2 React (JavaScript library) 2 JavaScript 20 HTML5 20 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 20

Developer - Software and Web

An avid tech enthusiast with multiple years' experience in software and web development. Happy to build bespoke software or websites to suit your needs. From personal portfolio websites to ecommerce...

Burnley, United Kingdom

JavaScript 2 Python 3 HTML5 2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 React (JavaScript library) 2 C++ 3 C 3 Jest 2 Node.js 2

Full Stack Developer-Java

Around 9+ years of experience as Java/J2EE/Full stack developer/Front-end UI Developer with specialization in development, and customization of software applications, to deliver robust and scalable...

READING, United Kingdom

Java 9 Spring 7 Hibernate (Framework) 7 Angular 3 React (JavaScript library) 3 JavaScript 7 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2 JUnit 7 Ajax 7 Docker 3

Web Developer

Postgraduate degree holder in Computer Science (M.Tech) with over 5 years of experience in the web development. Adept at leveraging a diverse skill set to deliver innovative and effective solutions....

Reading, United Kingdom

HTML5 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4 JavaScript 4 React (JavaScript library) 2 Node.js 2 mySQL 4 Git 4 ERPNext 2 Bootstrap 4 MongoDB 2

Frontend Developer

Immediate joiner! Amit is an accomplished Frontend Developer for past 7 years with expertise in ReactJS/Flutter based frontend and UI Component development. Has worked extensively in the Banking...

Sheffield, United Kingdom

React (JavaScript library) 7 Flutter 5 Node.js 2 ASP.NET 2

FullStack Developer

Hello! My name is Leonardo and I am studying to become a Full-Stack web developer. Currently, I am finishing up the Front-End module (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React), and I am excited to apply my...

Woking, United Kingdom

React (JavaScript library) 1 HTML 1 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 1 JavaScript 1 Git 1 TypeScript 1 Docker 1 Node.js 1 mySQL 1 Testing (IT) 1