Graphics Designer

Graphics Designer

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Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 3 Dec 2023

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Language skills: English, Gujarati, Hindi,

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Graphic design work is like a game for me. Contracted by companies to provide graphic design services, including developing branding and marketing collateral for print, web and digital platforms. I have been developing web app & software for 2 years, Consult with clients to determine their goals and create plans that align with ther brand message. Provide optimal customer service, recommending additional services to exceed their expectations. • Hired by The Local Company to create messaging and graphic designs for product lables and branding products to support the start-up and growth of the company. • Continue to provide graphic design services for ABC church, Ocean Grove, NJ to support their events and outreach efforts. Create Various marketing materials and graphics, including trifold brochures for the missions committee, as well as special events flyers and materials. Utilize Adobe Creative Suit and Microsoft Office.

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