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Ernest Tan

I am a seasoned designer with a rich and diverse experience spanning three years in the field. Over this time, I have honed my craft and developed a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality. My...

Hatfield, United Kingdom

Adobe Illustrator 4 Photography / Photo design 3 Adobe Photoshop 4 Premiere Pro 3 Adobe After Effects 3 Video production 3

Art Director & Graphic Designer

With exposure to varied creative domains, I specialise in Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Music Production, Video Editing & Animation. I use my skill set best suited for different types of client...

Wrexham, United Kingdom

Adobe Photoshop 10 Adobe Illustrator 10 Adobe InDesign 9 Adobe After Effects 8 Premiere Pro 8 Lightroom 10 Web design 8 Motion 8 Final Cut Pro 9 Adobe Creative Suite (CS) 10

Graphic Designer/ Data Entry

I am 39 years old so am mature enough to take any project on with ease. I was born in England so English is my native language. I love anything artistic and creativity. I am highly motivated by just...

Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Adobe Photoshop 5 Adobe After Effects 5

Graphics Designer

Graphic design work is like a game for me. Contracted by companies to provide graphic design services, including developing branding and marketing collateral for print, web and digital platforms. I...

London, United Kingdom

Adobe Photoshop 12 Adobe Illustrator 2 CorelDraw 6 Adobe InDesign 3 Adobe After Effects 3 Java 1 PHP 1 SEO / SEM 1 APPC 1

Motion Graphic Designer

I'm an experienced 2D motion graphic designer with a passion for dynamic visual storytelling and animations. I began my career as an intern digital artist at a game design studio, where I developed...

London, United Kingdom

Adobe After Effects 5 Adobe Illustrator 4 Photoshop 4 Zbrush 2

Digital artist

Dogital artist with extensive knowledge, and experience in concept art, 3D modeling, graphic design and illustration. Responsible and well organised, worker who is always online, available to...

London, United Kingdom

Adobe After Effects 3 Adobe Photoshop 5 Adobe Illustrator 5 3DS Max 7 Blender 3 Unity3D 2 C# 1 Graphic design 7 Design 7 Game design 3

3D Environment Artist

I have been designing 3D environments since 2020. My primary focus are large landscapes, buildings, grass, etc. My goal is to continuing to learn and improve myself as an artist, and helping...

London, United Kingdom

Blender 3 Premiere Pro 4 Adobe Photoshop 6 Adobe After Effects 3 Substance Painter 2

2D Animator

I'm an interdisciplinary creative professional. I have worked in social media and scientific research developing content, presentations, animations, and more. I love motion graphics and anything to...

Leeds, United Kingdom

Adobe After Effects 3 Toon boom harmony 1 Adobe Photoshop 3 Adobe Illustrator 3 Procreate 3

2D animation 10 Illustration 4 Graphic design 1 Adobe Photoshop 12 Adobe After Effects 11 Premiere Pro 11 Cacani 9

Motion Design| UX Motion| UI Design

My journey as a Designer and Motion Designer has spanned since 2019, equipping me with a robust skill set in design and animation techniques. Over the years, I've collaborated with diverse teams,...

Douglas, United Kingdom

Adobe Photoshop 5 Adobe After Effects 5 Premiere Pro 5 Adobe Illustrator 5 Cinema 4D 2 Figma 1 Redshift 2