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Senior Front End Developer

With over 20 years experience in the industry I can bring essential depth of knowledge to diagnose and solve problems rapidly. I specialise in Full Stack development weighted towards the frontend...

Manchester, United Kingdom

JavaScript 18 HTML 23 css 20 React (JavaScript library) 10 PHP 15 WordPress 15 Vue.js 10 MongoDB 10 Node.js 10 Angular 12

Web developer

I am a passionate web developer with a strong affinity for challenges. I thrive on continuous learning, whether it is mastering new frameworks or languages. My true passion lies in problem-solving...

Luton, United Kingdom

JavaScript-Frameworks 1 JavaScript 1 HTML 5 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 5 Angular 1 React (JavaScript library) 1 Vue.js 1 Node.js 1 Git 1 Wordpress 2

Alireza Mirzaei

I am a full stack developer at Yektanet, a leading online advertising company in Iran, where I lead the end-to-end implementation and architectural design of a cutting-edge product that utilizes a...

London, United Kingdom

React (JavaScript library) 2 Vue.js 2 Django (Framework) 2 Python 2 JavaScript 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4 Flutter 2 SEO / SEM 1 Git 4

Full Stack Web and Database Developer

A dedicated tech enthusiast, advocate and developer since the '90s, I've evolved from early IT roles to running a WordPress and PHP business, and now specialize in advanced JavaScript and API...

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

JavaScript 15 ThreeJS 2 Node.js 3 PHP 10 Wordpress 8 HTML5 15 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 15 SQL 15 jQuery 10 Vue.js 1

Swedish Webdeveloper & Designer - Campaign Ads Specialist & CMS & Landing Pages

Versatile professional who’s collaborated with over 40 agencies—PokerStars, Ogilvy, McCann, Gamesys, to mention a few—and even more brands in Scandinavia, Europe, and the UK as front-end developer...

London, United Kingdom

HTML 17 JavaScript 15 Vue.js 5 TypeScript 5 Responsive webdesign 15 Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass) 10 SEO / SEM 10 Adobe Photoshop 15 Figma 5 GSAP.js 10

Sr. Front-End Engineer

I am an accomplished Sr. Front-End Engineer with +9yrs of experience (full-stack available), who strives for creativity and quality in both my own work and the work I am responsible for delivering.

Leeds, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

React (JavaScript library) 7 Redux 7 Vue.js 5 JavaScript 9 TypeScript 5 Next.js 5 Unit Testing 5 GraphQL 5 Web3.js 2 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 6

Senior Software Engineer

I have been developing web applications for 9 years, including small-scale static websites and complex e-commerce websites for clients from different countries.

Ipswich, United Kingdom

PHP 9 React (JavaScript library) 1 Vue.js 1 HTML5 5 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 5 JavaScript 9 fabric js 3 Blockchain 2 mySQL 9 Elasticsearch 1


I have been in web development for the last 5 years. I built different categories web applications like informative, e-commerce and also applied payment gateway systems and also did different...

London, United Kingdom

PHP 5 JavaScript 5 Vue.js 4 React (JavaScript library) 5 Node.js 4 Git 5 ASP.NET 5 C# 4 Web development (allg.) 5 Web design 4

Frontend Developer

An experienced and motivated individual who has a passion for software. I have extensive experience in various areas, including full-stack web development, API development, cloud solutions, and more....

Exeter, United Kingdom

TypeScript 7 JavaScript 7 C# 3 Vue.js 5 Microsoft Azure 2 Docker 4

Web Developer

I'm a passionate front-end web developer with a keen eye for design and a drive for creating user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing websites. With [X] years of experience in the field, I've honed my...

Bolton, United Kingdom

HTML5 2 JavaScript (ES6+), jQuery 2 Responsive Web Design (Bootstrap, Flexbox) 3 Front-End Frameworks (React, Vue.js) 2