Front end developer - vue.js

Front end developer - vue.js

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Last updated: 3 Jun 2024

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As a frontend developer with over 8 years of web development experience, I have a strong ability to convert design layouts into executable code. I specialize in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and I utilize the Vue.js framework to create dynamic and professional user interfaces. I have a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Information & Communication Technology, where I learned the fundamentals of web development and design. In my most recent role at Tebyan Smart, I worked on multiple projects that involved building scalable and responsive web solutions for enhanced user experiences. I used Vue-router, Vuetify.js, Vuex, Pinia, and REST APIs to implement various features and functionalities, such as authentication, routing, state management, data fetching, and UI components. I also collaborated with other developers, designers, and clients, using effective teamwork and creative problem-solving skills. I am passionate about taking on new and challenging projects, highly committed to continuous learning, and strive to radiate positive energy to inspire those around me.

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