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Copy editor Proofreader

I have worked as a freelance copy editor and proofreader for over thirty years. All experience is outlined in my CV, but in brief, I have worked on hundreds of academic papers (in many fields):...

Little Addington, United Kingdom

Word 30 Over thirty years of copy-editing/proofing experience 30 Highly skilled copy-editor/proofreader for EAFL students 30 Highly-skilled proofreader copy-editor for fiction and non-fiction writing 30 Highly skilled copy editor/proofreader of academic writing 30

Freelance Writer and Editor

As a motivated and accomplished graduate in English and French, I am seeking a position in content writing and editing where I can leverage my strong background in editorial tasks and my experience...

City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Copy editing 1 Translation 5 Author / Writer 6

Copyeditor and proofreader

Specialist in creating clear British English, turning verbose, dense and passively written text into active writing that’s easy to understand on the first pass, and to learn from and enjoyable to...

Runcorn, United Kingdom

Copy editing 30 proofreading 30 writing 30

versatile writer

Embarking on a journey that began with a foundation in economics in my native Italy, I found my true passion in the realms of theatre and cinema. This journey led me to the International Film School...

Newport, United Kingdom

screenwriting 25 film reviewing 25 Event Marketing / Event management 20 High school teaching 20 Copy editing 25 Image editing 20 Video production 25

Communication specialist

I have been working in communications and PR for almost 25 years. My areas of expertise are corporate and investor communications including annual reports, sustainability reports. Sustainability is a...

London, United Kingdom

Copy editing 20 Copywriter 20 Project reporting 9

Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

I’m a Creative Copywriter and Content Writer with 10 years of experience writing in journalism, marketing and communications environments, before going freelance in 2022. I have a passion for the...

York, United Kingdom

Copywriting 10 Content Writing 10 Website Copy 6 Email Copywriting 6 Content marketing 6 Copywriter 10 Copy editing 10

Creative Copywriter and Freelance Journalist

Senior Journalist and communications professional with nearly 10 years of experience across IT, fashion, international event promotion, and global media. I have remained dedicated to promoting...

Manchester, United Kingdom

Copywriter 10 Author / Writer 22 SEO / SEM 5 Editorial design 5 Copy editing 5 Communication 10


I have a large amount of academic experience, having graduated with my master's in law with distinction. I also have an undergraduate degree in drama, so my educational experience is expansive. I am...

Derby, United Kingdom

Copywriter 2 Copy editing 2 proofreading 2 academic writing 6 academic editing 2 referencing 2 writing 10


I have worked on projects with clients from across the world, and have built a reputation for my attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines, and client-oriented approach. When you work with me,...

London, United Kingdom

SEO / SEM 5 Medical Writing 4 Copywriter 4 Nursing 2 Copy editing 4

Content Developer and Writer

English Language Specialist, Academic Mentor, Product Manager, Content Developer and Editor with 10 years of experience in private education industry. Expertise in academic content writing,...

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Academic writing 10 Proofreading 10 Copy editing 10 Content development 10