Freelance Copy and Content Writer

Freelance Copy and Content Writer

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Last updated: 10 Jun 2024

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Please see my website – – for my portfolio. **** I'm a freelance copywriter with over 5 years' experience. I have a passion for the written word and love finding new and unique ways of telling stories that readers will genuinely love and engage with. I believe every piece of copy is an opportunity to add value to a readers' experience... Whether sharing new information, top tips, engaging stories, or a simple product description that helps them make a purchase decision. Prior to copywriting, my work experience in financial services, promotions, hospitality, and more combine to give me a unique and thorough perspective on people from a wide range of backgrounds. I understand what sets us apart, and what brings us closer. In addition to my work experience, I also completed a full LLB law degree (2:1 qualification) in just two years. I attribute this swift and high qualification to my ability to complete thorough research and translate even the most complicated subjects into simple, easy-to-read copy. These skills allow me to go above and beyond what other copywriters can offer: ensuring I'm able to get to the very heart of any topic and produce excellent copy that will help put your brand into the minds and hearts of your customers.

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