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Last updated: 22 Oct 2023

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I'm a Year 1 computer science student at University College London with a strong passion for technology and a dedication to lifelong learning. While my professional experience in software engineering is limited, my excitement and commitment to staying updated with industry advancements are steadfast. I began my programming journey with Python during my GCSE years. While my initial knowledge was classroom-based, I then embarked on practical projects. Notably, I tackled the challenging task of facial recognition, dealing with limited dataset access and hardware constraints using an RTX 2050 GPU. To overcome these challenges, I completed a course on linear regression, created a simplified model, and used graphs to evaluate its predictive success. This project not only improved my programming skills but also sharpened my problem-solving and adaptability as I explored optimization techniques. Besides programming, I am hugely attracted by the math behind it, so I dove into linear algebra through online materials. This deepened my understanding of vectors and matrices, revealing their crucial role in graphical applications. I was intrigued by the concept of projecting 3D points onto a 2D plane, especially in the context of VR gaming. I developed a basic 3D cube projection program, inspiring me to aim to create a more intricate 3D connect-4 game with complex winning mechanisms. In essence, I'm a motivated and enthusiastic computer science student continuously expanding my knowledge and skills. I'm eager to contribute to the ever-evolving field of technology and excited about the possibilities that await my academic and professional journey.



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