QA Engineer

QA Engineer

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Last updated: 2 Sep 2023

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I have a solid background in web development and quality assurance, with over a year of experience working for a telecommunications company. During my tenure, I played a dual role, serving as both a web developer and a QA professional. My responsibilities included designing and developing web applications, ensuring their functionality, and conducting rigorous quality assurance testing to guarantee a seamless user experience. Recently, I had to resign from my position to pursue higher studies. However, I am now eager to return to the dynamic field of telecommunications. My previous experience has equipped me with a robust skill set that includes web development, coding, debugging, and a sharp eye for detail in QA. I am enthusiastic about rejoining the industry, leveraging my expertise to contribute to innovative projects, and continuously improving the quality and performance of telecom solutions. With a proven track record in web development and QA, I am confident in my ability to excel and make a significant impact upon my return to the telecommunications sector.

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