IT & Marketing Specialist

IT & Marketing Specialist

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Last updated: 17 Jun 2023

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I have a passion for Customer Service, Marketing and Technology, which has led me to explore the IT industry. I expanded my skills and experience working within various industries becoming more familiar with new technologies and what it means to bring these to businesses and customers alike. I have worked for companies that offer one-of-a-kind services and industry-leading technologies that enable their customers to get ahead of an ever-changing industry. I know the importance of retaining business etiquette and having strong communication skills both written and verbal. I enjoy using my initiative within the working environment, always ensuring that I approach challenges with a positive attitude, identifying problems and creating solutions. I would be an asset as I am focused, independent and have a keen eye for detail. I am a fast learner who actively looks for and creates opportunities to enhance my skills. Working in a progressive environment has enhanced my ability to meet targets and work under pressure. I offer great support to clients and work proficiently on multiple cases simultaneously. In the past, I have worked in demanding environments including working as a warehouse operative stowing hundreds of items a day. I am a hard worker and a great asset to any team. I look forward to working with you in any capacity you require.

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