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Graphic Designer

I’m all about bringing ideas to life. From crafting stunning posters, banners, and social media visuals to designing sleek e-books and packaging – I do it all. But my real passion? It’s weaving...

Banbury, United Kingdom

Adobe Illustrator 10 Adobe Photoshop 20 WordPress 8 Brand design 5 Graphic design 20 Logo design 15 Digital art 12


I'm an animator and social media marketer with not less than 4 years experience. I have worked with several animation studios. The animation field is mine because there is always passion in all my...

London, United Kingdom

2D animation 4 Graphic design 3 Whiteboard animation 4 Social media marketing 2 Digital art 3

IT, Digital And Social media Expert

I have the right skills and intuitive knowledge to operate modern devices effectively. I basically involve understanding technical concepts, and then applying them in different contexts. From social...

London, United Kingdom

OpenCanvas 5 Social Media Edition 7 Digital art 6 Content marketing 4 E-mail marketing 5 Brand design 4 Brand management 4 Online marketing 6 Social media marketing 5 Education 23

Web Design

Creative Freelancer specializing in art and design, eager to collaborate and bring your ideas to life. With a passion for aesthetics and a keen eye for detail, I offer my expertise to assist you in...

Uxbridge, United Kingdom

SEO / SEM 1 Digital art 1

Graphic deasign/ copywriter

I have been involved with many aspects of digital marketing for 8+ years, I love anything graphic design for example websites, social media content, automation and much more.

Hartlepool, United Kingdom

Social media marketing 8 Graphic design 8 Web development (allg.) 8 Digital art 8 Content marketing 8 Affiliate marketing 9 Logo design 5 Responsive webdesign 6 Copywriter 5

IT & Marketing Specialist

I have a passion for Customer Service, Marketing and Technology, which has led me to explore the IT industry. I expanded my skills and experience working within various industries becoming more...

Welwyn, United Kingdom

SEO / SEM 10 Technical support 4 Digital art 10 Video production 12 Social media marketing 7 Content management 14 Photography / Photo design 5

Data Entry and Document Specialist

I have been increasing my technical skills for over a decade and now I am capable of working across a wide range of areas across the technical field, taking on all kinds of projects as I believe...

London, United Kingdom

Data entry 5 Customer service 3 Microsoft Office 365 5 Digital art 3 Logo design 2 Social Media Edition 4 Social media marketing 3 Author / Writer 3 Medical Writing 3 Transcription 3


I’ve been drawing from a very early age before it was ever a job for me. I now currently freelance doing illustration work primarily but also some graphic design. Outside of design and illustration...

Bristol, United Kingdom

Graphic design 6 Digital art 8 Illustration 15 Procreate 6 Chatgpt 1

The City of Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

Painting 8 Sketch 1 Digital art 1

Senior Graphic Designer

I am a Senior Graphic Designer with over 7 years experience and currently manage a team. I have worked both in-house and agency-wide, working with a broad range of clients. I am used to a...

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Adobe InDesign 10 Adobe Photoshop 10 Adobe Illustrator 10 Brand design 3 Graphic design 10 Illustration 10 Print design 10 Digital art 10 Design 10