Matt Video - Social Media / Video & Audio Production

Matt Video - Social Media / Video & Audio Production

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Last updated: 21 May 2024

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Personal summary

I have had the pleasure of managing social media accounts and have many years of experience at the top level as a content and channel manager. I know how to curate and create content for all platforms to whatever level of effects, graphics and animation are needed. I have worked with many successful brands, businesses and clients over the years - SkyTV - WealthDragonsPLC - John Lee (5+ million total social media following)- AU Vodka - Wretch 32 (Music Artist) - Katy Salmon (Social Media Influencer) - and most recent and current clients while building my video production company in Thailand, Chezame & Sxin (Top 3 BeatBoxer duo in the world) and Grow With Anna (Music Production Content Manager. (Over 5 million social media following) I keep current on what is hot in my media field and all relevant areas, including TikTok/social media trends. I can implement ideas and create engaging viral content for any campaign on any social media platform :) I am very good with managing teams and have a successful team of directors - editors - graphics, and digital image production, also spanning a few different creative areas like music and dance. I can follow instructions, stick to a brief and execute on time and to the deadline. We like to take a brand or product where it needs to go; collaboration is king in 2023, so ideas and input are always good, especially with a team of like-minded individuals. I hope to hear back soon and would love to arrange a meeting to talk more.

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