Graphic Designer and Freelancer

Graphic Designer and Freelancer

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Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 6 Apr 2023

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Language skills: English,

Personal summary

I have worked in various industries doing graphic design for many years. I started off in signage and moved on to corporate design, which I really enjoyed as I worked on different designs, built on my knowledge and worked with different customers. I moved on from graphic design into teaching, however I still enjoy freelancing and working with my current client base on their design needs as and when they need something. My family and I have relocated to the UK and I have started freelancing here so that I can still enjoy the ever-changing world of designing but also spend much needed time with my children while we settle. I would love to assist you with creating your new logo, business card and letterhead or even a birthday or event invitation. I really enjoy the challenge of creating something new and exciting that fits in with your brand.

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