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Presentation Designer Steve

Working as a Presentation Designer and Graphic Designer for over 20 years I have excellent knowledge of creating visually engaging PowerPoint presentations/templates, artwork, graphics, and marketing...

Windsor, United Kingdom

Microsoft PowerPoint 20 Adobe Illustrator 20 Graphic design 20 Adobe Photoshop 20 Microsoft Excel 20 Adobe InDesign 20 Adobe Creative Suite (CS) 7 Blender 6 Photography / Photo design 20

UX/UI Designer and Developer

My name is Andre, I am a dedicated and versatile Web and UX/UI Designer, with a passion for crafting exceptional digital experiences. With a strong foundation in user-centred design principles and...

Liverpool, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

WordPress 8 HTML, CSS 7 JavaScript 7 PHP 7 mySQL 7 SEO / SEM 8 Content marketing 8 Graphic design 10 CorelDraw 15 Adobe Photoshop 4

WordPress and Marketing Expert

With over a decade of hands-on expertise, I am a seasoned WordPress and Growth Hacking expert who breathes life into digital visions. My journey has been one of relentless innovation, crafting...

London, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

HTML5 8 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 8 PHP 3 Wordpress 8 SEO / SEM 5 Marketing 15 Web design 8 Graphic design 8

Marketing Consultant

Experienced strategic marketer for 7+ years. Drives successful strategies with actionable insights, content creation, and tailored PPC campaigns using data-driven approaches. I love helping my...

Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Marketing 7 SEO / SEM 4 Content marketing 7 Graphic design 10 Social media marketing 7 Communication 10 Content management 10 Web design 7 Market potential analysis 7 Market research / -analysis Market research / -analysis 10

Aimen Nawaz

As a seasoned graphic designer with a rich portfolio spanning five years, I bring a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set to the creative realm. My expertise extends across various domains,...

Birmingham, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

Graphic design 6 2D animation 3 Presentation 4 Logo design 3 branding 3

Graphic Designer

I’m all about bringing ideas to life. From crafting stunning posters, banners, and social media visuals to designing sleek e-books and packaging – I do it all. But my real passion? It’s weaving...

Banbury, United Kingdom

Adobe Illustrator 10 Adobe Photoshop 20 WordPress 8 Brand design 5 Graphic design 20 Logo design 15 Digital art 12

Content Executive Copywriting, Branding, Publishing, PR

Highly proficient Content Executive, former National Communications and PR Manager skilled in copywriting and design for web, print and digital media. I am currently open to project or contract work...

London, United Kingdom

Social media marketing 5 Graphic design 5 Copy editing 7 Editorial design 5 Author / Writer 5 Copywriter 7 Brand management 5 Brand design 5 Public Relations 3 Journalism 10

Social Media Specialist and Project Management

With over five years of professional experience, I am a highly motivated, meticulous, and outgoing individual who excels at social media management, website management, communication, administrative...

London, United Kingdom

Social media marketing 4 Proof of Concept (POC) 1 Copywriter 3 User Interface (UI) 2 Graphic design 5 Blogging 6 Project management 1 Internationalisation 3 Social Media Edition 5 WordPress 2

Website Developer

A professional software engineering with over 5 years industry experience in website development, Android mobile app development,WordPress, graphic design and digital marketing.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Java 5 Wordpress 5 SEO / SEM 4 Android development 5 Web design 5 Graphic design 10


Im a self-taught artist and i have been drawing for +10 years since early childhood and im currently a student with a passion for artistic creativity and i only intend to grow and broaden my skills...

Swadlincote, United Kingdom

SketchBook 10 Graphic design 2 Painting 1 Illustration 10