FullStack Developer

FullStack Developer

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2023

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Personal summary

Hello! My name is Leonardo and I am studying to become a Full-Stack web developer. Currently, I am finishing up the Front-End module (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React), and I am excited to apply my design and coding skills to create amazing solutions for users. I am committed to constantly learning and improving my technical and non-technical skills. Additionally, my previous experience in Civil Engineering has taught me how to work well in teams, efficiently manage projects, and communicate clearly with colleagues and clients. I am eager to work collaboratively with other developers to create attractive and functional applications and websites.


Formação em Desenvolvimento Full-Stack

2023 Brazil

Módulo - Ciência da Computação

2023 Brazil

Módulo - Desenvolvimento em Back End

2023 Brazil

Módulo - Front-End

2023 Brazil

Módulo de Fundamentos do Desenvolvimento Web

2023 Brazil

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