Data Analyst

Data Analyst

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Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 13 Jun 2024

Total work experience: 6 year(s)

Language skills: English,

Personal summary

"Data Analysis Enthusiast with Diverse Professional Background | Seeking for Data and Analytics Roles" I am an enthusiastic self-learner, passionately pursuing a career in data space, backed by a diverse professional history encompassing customer service, e-commerce, and data administration. My professional background includes several years in customer service roles within call centers, where I developed strong communication and problem-solving skills. In these roles, I handled billing, technical support, sales, marketing, and collections, providing comprehensive solutions and maintaining high service standards. My journey into data has been a path of self-discovery and independent learning. I've delved into Python, SQL, and other BI tools, not through formal education, but driven by curiosity and a keen interest in the transformative power of data. This journey, though unconventional, has equipped me with a foundational understanding of essential data analysis tools and techniques. In the field of e-commerce, I gained valuable insights into digital sales strategies and customer engagement. This experience has honed my understanding of the business landscape and data's role in optimizing e-commerce operations. As a Data Administration Specialist, I've worked with data extraction, transformation, and warehousing. I created custom dashboards aligned with specific KPIs, generating reports and insights to improve business operations. This role has been pivotal in developing my interest in data analysis. Now, I am seeking a professional role in data analysis. I aim to leverage my self-taught skills, self-initiated training, and professional experience in a setting where I can learn from industry experts and gain practical, hands-on experience. I am eager for an opportunity to grow under mentorship, apply my existing skills, and contribute meaningfully in a data-driven environment.

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