eddioGFX | Websites, Social Media, GFX | Wolverhampton, UK

eddioGFX | Websites, Social Media, GFX | Wolverhampton, UK

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Last updated: 23 Jun 2024

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I'm based in Wolverhampton. 1 on 1 meetings available to discuss your project. Free consultation and audits. If you're not local to Wolverhampton, we can arrange a Zoom call. Been in this industry since 2005 with much different Gaming Project as it was relevant at that time, as I was between 13 and 16 years old. We were creating gaming communities for Counter Strike 1.6, Mu Online, Minecraft and few others. Of course, apart from the game servers, hostings etc those communities required a website and forums, so that's where most of my experience is coming from. Self-motivated to learn, troubleshoot and create. Took a break from all this for a few years and came back, when my friend's business needed a help. When I stabilised his biz, I then decided to start a business on my own and here I am - Ready to listen to your project enquiries. :) Briefly, what can I do for you and your business? - WordPress website Wolverhampton and area - Wordless website with SEO package Wolverhampton and area - WordPress website with SEO and Ecommerce Wolverhampton and area - WordPress website maintenance Wolverhampton and area - If you have any other CMS website, please get in touch and we will discuss - Social Media management Wolverhampton and area - Social Media marketing Wolverhampton and area - TikTok videos Wolverhampton and area - Graphic design Wolverhampton and area - Video and photo editing Wolverhampton and area - Umm, what else? Pretty much everything in regards to digital stuff, just give me a bell *Ignore the "Wolverhampton and area" if youre from Kent, Aberdeen or else... We can still have a chat :) Ed

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