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WordPress and Marketing Expert

With over a decade of hands-on expertise, I am a seasoned WordPress and Growth Hacking expert who breathes life into digital visions. My journey has been one of relentless innovation, crafting...

London, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

HTML5 8 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 8 PHP 3 Wordpress 8 SEO / SEM 5 Marketing 15 Web design 8 Graphic design 8

Webflow Developer

I'm a certified Webflow developer with a year of solid experience. My skills extend to coding websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I've been an integral part of the implementation software team...

Carrickfergus, United Kingdom

Web design 1 JavaScript 1 Webflow 1

Margareta Digore

I'm a freelance digital marketer with over 3 years of experience, offering a range of services, including brand messaging, marketing strategy, web design, and email marketing.

London, United Kingdom

Digital Marketing 4 email marketing 4 HTML 1 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 1 SEO / SEM 1 Marketing 4 Web design 1

Art Director & Graphic Designer

With exposure to varied creative domains, I specialise in Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Music Production, Video Editing & Animation. I use my skill set best suited for different types of client...

Wrexham, United Kingdom

Adobe Photoshop 10 Adobe Illustrator 10 Adobe InDesign 9 Adobe After Effects 8 Premiere Pro 8 Lightroom 10 Web design 8 Motion 8 Final Cut Pro 9 Adobe Creative Suite (CS) 10

Marketing Consultant

Experienced strategic marketer for 7+ years. Drives successful strategies with actionable insights, content creation, and tailored PPC campaigns using data-driven approaches. I love helping my...

Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Marketing 7 SEO / SEM 4 Content marketing 7 Graphic design 10 Social media marketing 7 Communication 10 Content management 10 Web design 7 Market potential analysis 7 Market research / -analysis Market research / -analysis 10

Website Developer

A professional software engineering with over 5 years industry experience in website development, Android mobile app development,WordPress, graphic design and digital marketing.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Java 5 Wordpress 5 SEO / SEM 4 Android development 5 Web design 5 Graphic design 10

Web designer + logo maker

Professional Software Quality Assurance Engineer with 1 year of experience, in business requirement analysis, test planning, Test case creation & execution, and collaboration with development teams....

Luton, United Kingdom

Web design 5 Logo design 5 Software quality 4

Graphic designer

I have been creating websites for over 10 years as a hobby and for employers in addition to my main roles. I turned to graphic design as I developed a passion for the aesthetic of designs. Given the...

Warrington, United Kingdom

Graphic design 2 Web design 10 fitness industry 10

UX / UI designer

My point of view and a few thoughts on product design: I care about the details and consider design analytics to be crucial in creating effective, intuitive interfaces. I like prototyping - it helps...

London, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

Web design 5 Mobile app design 3 Social Media Edition 5 Interactive design 5 SEO / SEM 2

Data entry & social media support

Creative professional with a knowledge of running a business. Willing to put my knowledge in helping others achieve their goals. I have a a great eye for aesthetics amd a passion for making customers...

Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom

Google Adwords 7 Social media marketing 7 Web design 2 Double bookkeeping 7 Personnel development - completion schedule 5 Instagram 10 Twitter 5