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I have a large amount of academic experience, having graduated with my master's in law with distinction. I also have an undergraduate degree in drama, so my educational experience is expansive. I am familiar with multiple referencing formats. I have been working predominantly as a freelance editor/proofreader/researcher/writer, not just in academic capacities but for all written content. In my most recent task, I performed thorough edits and implemented a new referencing system for an academic piece for submission to a medical journal. Despite the technical nature of the content, which I am unfamiliar with, I ensured the writing was refined and impactful. I have worked on a large variety of jobs in the past couple of years, these have ranged from academic editing and proofreading to creative writing and content writing to copywriting product descriptions. I am comfortable in all manner of writing and editing tasks so please feel free to ask any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

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