Software Sage | Technical Lead | Technical Manager | Lead Software Engineer

Software Sage | Technical Lead | Technical Manager | Lead Software Engineer

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Last updated: 11 May 2024

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Strategic, innovative and systematic Technical Leader & Manager with BSc in Computer Science & MSc in Electronic Commerce and over 11 years experience leading software engineering teams towards the successful delivery of high quality results. With over 17 years of hands-on experience in the technology domain, I bring a wealth of practical and technical knowledge to any role. Demonstrable knowledge of designing system architectures and thinking outside the box in order to expertly resolve complex technical problems. Highly proficient in a vast arrange of programming languages and technologies, with a proven track record of the software development life cycle. Methodical leader with a wealth of experience mentoring and developing technical teams and developing solutions through the implementation of industry best practice. Seeking to leverage expertise within a new role as Technical Architect, Technical Lead, Technical Manager or Senior/Lead/Principal Software Engineer.

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Fluent knowledge