Freelance Writer and Editor

Freelance Writer and Editor

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Last updated: 28 Mar 2024

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Language skills: English, French, Italian,

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As a motivated and accomplished graduate in English and French, I am seeking a position in content writing and editing where I can leverage my strong background in editorial tasks and my experience with AI. My academic and professional journey has equipped me with a profound understanding of effective communication, honed through crafting compelling content and refining diverse written materials. I have a demonstrated ability to deliver exceptional customer service, a skill crucial in understanding and meeting client and audience needs in content creation. In my pursuit of a writing and editing role, I aim to utilize my diverse skillset, which includes excellent command over language, keen attention to detail, and an adaptive approach to various writing styles and formats. My experience with AI tools in content optimization positions me uniquely in the evolving landscape of digital content creation. I am eager to join a dynamic team where I can contribute to impactful storytelling, engage audiences with high-quality content, and utilize my adaptability and interpersonal skills to thrive in a collaborative environment.

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