Project Manager

Project Manager

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Last updated: 12 Nov 2023

Total work experience: 15 year(s)

Language skills: English, Polish,

Personal summary

Dear Sirs, I am an accomplished management professional with 15 years of experience in managing and driving high-quality, complex projects from conception to completion. My motivation to succeed is fuelled by a combination of strong business knowledge, technical expertise, and problem-solving skills for both strategic objectives and tactical goals. In the realm of Project Management, I have been directly responsible for overseeing projects within specific timeframes. My proficiency extends to both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. I am adept at tailoring project management approaches to suit the unique demands of each initiative. In utilizing Agile methodologies, I prioritize flexibility and collaboration, ensuring rapid and adaptive responses to change. My experience with Scrum and Kanban frameworks has allowed for efficient project delivery with a focus on continuous improvement. Conversely, my familiarity with Waterfall methodologies has equipped me to navigate structured project phases, ensuring thorough planning and execution. I possess a comprehensive understanding of full project life cycles, from initiation through planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, to closure. Throughout my career, I have successfully implemented various projects, each requiring a nuanced approach to meet diverse objectives. My adaptability is underscored by my ability to seamlessly transition between different project environments. In addition to my proficiency in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, my knowledge extends to PRINCE2 and APM (Association for Project Management) methodologies, ensuring a robust foundation in project management principles and practices. This knowledge has proven invaluable in orchestrating the successful execution of projects, adhering to industry best practices. As a Project Manager, I excel in coordinating the process related to project implementation. I take pride in keeping the team appropriately motivated to achieve objectives while proactively addressing problems and risks. My role extends to supervising correct communication between the ordering customer and the team members responsible for project completion. My intelligence, vigor, high stress-resistance, and easy adaptability to dynamic changes make me an asset to any team. I thrive under time pressure while remaining reasonable and calm. My work is consistently professional, and I easily adapt to new professional environments. My daily initiatives focus on streamlining the organization of individual labor and fostering cooperation between office employees. My primary goal is building organizational culture and a positive corporate image. When cooperating with business partners, I consistently reach agreements while providing support and motivation. I exhibit all the qualities of an excellent employee and am confident that, as an ambitious individual, I will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding employer. Yours faithfully, Anna Kuzia

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