Content writer, email marketer and customer care specialist

Content writer, email marketer and customer care specialist

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Last updated: 5 Nov 2023

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Welcome to my bio! You may be thinking that I seem to have a lot of seemingly random skills. Well they are skills that I have curated and developed over my professional career, making me the perfect addition to a team who needs someone agile, able to think outside the box able to learn quickly. The devil is in the details, and with my Forensic Science degree I have fine tuned ability to find and solve problems of all shapes and sizes. Need data accurately inputted fast? I'm here for that. Need content written quickly and ready to publish? Give me the subject and tone, let's go. Need someone to step in and help develop your marketing strategy? Let's get a schedule in place. I've been in roles of all different levels, I know how important the small stuff is in helping the big problems be solved. So how can I help?

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