Cyber Security Specialist

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Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 5 Nov 2023

Total work experience: 25 year(s)

Language skills: English, Dutch,

Personal summary

I am a goal-oriented and dedicated cyber security, network and system professional with a strong technical background, experience and knowledge. I can work independently or in teams, but I also have the coordination capabilities to manage a team, not only to achieve business goals, but also to enhance the development and training of employees. I have excellent interpersonal communication skills and I have experience with public speaking and giving substantive presentations. I work in a structured way and can take on complex projects, always keeping deadlines in mind. I work on project basis as a system and network specialist, security specialist, pentester, auditor, forensic investigator, NOC / SOC specialist, CIRT / CERT, SIEM, malware analysis etc. Establish overall security throughout the company by heading the integration/testing of security system baselining, endpoint security, controlled cyber-attacks/penetration testing, and directly overseeing network/security teams, forensic investigations, CIRT/CERT procedures. Promote high-quality results through coordinating staff training and development initiatives. Ensure that all systems are functioning properly by managing installation and maintenance for operating systems, virtual environments, network infrastructures, and security products as well as building and supervising SOCs, NOCs, and cyber centers. Experience • Reselling and implementing security products • Installing and maintaining operating systems, virtual environments, network infrastructures and security products • Building, maintaining and managing SOC’s, NOC’s, Cyber center(s) • Conducting forensic investigations • Conducting penetration tests • Conducting CIRT/CERT operations • Conducting operations with AIVD/NCSC, police and Europol (tracking cybercrime) • Managing networks and IT security systems • Designing and implementing Networks/NOC/SOC • Team leading and training NOC/SOC/SIEM/CIRT/CERT engineers • Building hacking labs for training purposes • Conducting Cyber center operations and controlled cyber-attacks (Red/Blue flag) • Implementing and testing security baselining on systems (hardening) • Managing and implementing endpoint security • Managing and implementing firewalls, IDS/IPS, sandbox etc. • Ensure the proper implementation of IT Security Policy and SOP to reduce the risk of business disruption by cyber attacks • Responsible for operational security and management of IT Security tools (firewall, antivirus, management user ID etc.) • Coordinate with vendors to ensure that IT Security devices function properly • Conduct vulnerability scanning and analysis activities regularly • Investigating security incidents, 1st, 2nd and 3rd line • Perform security patching on servers, databases and network devices • Analysis and improving the effectiveness of Information Technology Security • Established appropriate security process and procedures based on industry-standard best practices and compliance requirements • Research, evaluate, design, test, recommend and plan the implementation of new or updated information security technologies, threats, and security alerts and recommend remedial actions

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