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Last updated: 3 Sep 2023

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My work life began in early 2016 as a Bachelor Of Derntal Surgery Student. At the same time, I started developing my English Language proficiency and skills. Combined with my work, I have developed myself and my English with native accent. I am an experienced cold caller dealt with real estate campaigns (includes expired, ISA and FSBO lead generation services). 2) I have experience booking an appointment working as a lead generator and sales person. 3) Over 4 years of experience as a telemarketer. 4) I am a fast, reliable and goal-oriented telesales expert dealing with multiple campaigns. 5) I have a British accent and my thick voice makes me sound professional and pleasant. 6) I have a great knowledge of Zendesk. Email chat support is another quality of mine. 7) Experienced with roundcube, Twilio Flex Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zoho, Callrail, Perfex, Ringcentral, Mojo, google sheets. My strength is my attention to detail. My typing speed is 55 words per minute with 95% accuracy. When I commit to doing something I make sure it gets done in time maintaining the quality as well. I started my career with Augmedix, I was a Medical Scribe there. I used to write down all the doctor-patient conversation in real-time using medical language to fill out the HPI form. We needed to have the correct information to file the EHR form. Recently I worked with an American Technology Company as their sales assistant. My job was to call up different colleges and schools in the United States to learn more about their technological needs. I require minimum training when it comes to customer support and administrative tasks. With my experience and skills, I guarantee to deliver exceptional results!

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