End User computing Technician

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Last updated: 21 Aug 2023

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Personal summary

Experienced Freelancer Specializing in IT Infrastructure and Automation Hello! I'm a skilled freelancer with a strong background in IT. I've got hands-on experience setting up exchange servers, SCCM servers, and 802.1x networks. I'm familiar with tools like JAMF and Microsoft Intune, which help make things run smoothly. I've also created Slack bots to make communication easier and used powershell to automate tasks, saving time and effort. I'm all about finding smart solutions to tricky problems. Learning is important to me, and I stay updated with new tech and tricks to stay on top of the game. When you work with me, you're teaming up with someone who knows their stuff and is ready to help you succeed. Let's chat and see how I can support your projects!

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