Blogger/Website Administrator

Blogger/Website Administrator

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Last updated: 3 Jan 2024

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Personal summary

I have a diploma in Public Relations and 10+ years of digital marketing, communications, PR and marketing coordination experience. I feel that I am an all-round marketing and communications professional and I like to combine a range of skills and experience into my work. Most of my experience comes from being a Marketing Coordinator who addresses all Marketing, PR, Communications, Website administration, Content development, Social media, Event coordination and Online advertising sales. In my most recent, remote role as a Marketing Executive, I expanded my skills to include Microsoft Dynamics for bulk emailing, segmented emails, and nurturetrails and CRM lead management. My responsibilities included website maintenance and design on WordPress, PowerPoint presentations, and international event organisation. I am well-versed in customer and partner lead management, ensuring effective communication and relationship-building. As such, I can happily take on a varied workload. In my position, I welcome any new tasks related to my experience. I am always keen to learn new programmes and broaden my abilities and skills otherwise. I work within a structure of having specific goals and tasks that I can measure. I make sure that they are achievable and realistic as well as relevant to the company and the customer base. I am very capable of working with multiple projects in a timely fashion towards deadlines. I feel that I am very confident in using digital marketing channels, such as social media, bulk email marketing and maintenance and content on website CMS platforms. Since I have also worked in sales for online advertising space, in a small niche business, I feel that forging good relationships comes naturally.

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