Interior designer

Interior designer

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Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 14 Jan 2024

Total work experience: 1 year(s)

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Personal summary

As a fresh graduate in interior design and a devoted freelancer with a passion for creativity, I distinguish myself through the skills acquired during my college years and personal projects. I possess strong expertise in handling residential and commercial spaces, as well as beginner-level arrangements for outdoor areas, while 3D visualization aids in bringing my visions to life in an engaging manner. With pride and determination, I have developed essential abilities to manage interior design projects from conception to completion. I am motivated by a constant desire to learn and make strides in my career. I always strive to exceed clients' expectations, providing beautiful and functional spaces that bring about a positive change. I am eager to explore new opportunities and add value through my creativity and passion for interior design.


Bachelor's Degree

2023 Romania

Language skills