Security Architect

Security Architect

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Last updated: 8 Jul 2023

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Skilled professional with extensive experience in information and cyber security with a proven track record of working with diverse clients across multiple industry sectors, including both public and private sectors. Proficient in front-line roles, team management, and successful project delivery. Adept at optimizing cloud performance and cost, developing architecture solutions, and researching cutting-edge cloud technologies. Seeking relocation to the APAC area, particularly the Philippines, with a preference for remote work and flexibility in covering international time zones. Possess deep expertise in Ms Azure and O365 platforms, as well as multi-vendor/hybrid security design. Expert in serving as a trusted adviser and service provider, collaborating with both external and internal stakeholders. Strong background in technology and compliance, capable of designing, deploying, and managing versatile security systems across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. Committed to delivering secure, robust, and cost-efficient cloud services aligned with business and IT needs.

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