Teaching specialist

Teaching specialist

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Last updated: 30 Jun 2023

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My teaching philosophy is simple I am approachable to my students. I am passionate towards teaching and being around children brings smile to my face. The skills and experience I gained since I started my teaching career wouldn't be enough as I believe education grows every day and we have new things to learn. The little skills I have like communication, leadership, patience, honest and experience of working with different institute and their cultural and religious belief would lead to my growth. The most important character we teachers are gifted are to forgive. I started my teaching in 2013 where I worked as an Intern. I was given Nursery class teacher and I was in awe to see those tiny little faces and smile. It was challenging as they are tender and gentle and wanted utmost care and attention and I was glad to fulfil their requirements. I really enjoyed working with different age group but the one to which I was entertained the most were the primary section. The reason is the trust they have on their teacher is special. Thus I feel I would surely give my whole dedication and compassion to fulfill the role assigned to me.

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