Marketing and Managing Freelancer

Marketing and Managing Freelancer

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Last updated: 26 Jun 2023

Total work experience: 1 year(s)

Language skills: English, Vietnamese,

Personal summary

I'm enthusiastic about working in marketing and managing expertise with people from different places. I've developed my self within a year with experiences related to these fields before joining in the university ( Economics and Management course) Fortunately, I worked in the customer service and marketing team for a private company in Viet Nam for more than 6 months and gain knowledge from that. Beside, people really appreciate the responsibility and efficiency of many tasks I've done. If I could accompany with you, I'll be responsible and strive myself to give the best outcome of the projects.



2021 Vietnam

Google- The fundamentals of Digital Marketing

2023 Vietnam

Huspot- The Inbound Marketing

2023 Vietnam

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