Transcriber & Proofreader

Transcriber & Proofreader

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Last updated: 7 Oct 2023

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I am qualified as a transcriber and proofreader through my Business Technology AAS degree and have transcription and proofreading experience as a freelancer over 12 years with audio and video files such as manuscripts, journals, and meetings. I have a recent typing speed test certificate of 70 wpm with 99% accuracy. I transcribe one-hour of audio over approximately 3 hours, so I charge the fixed fee of £30 for one-hour of audio, and/or a pro-rata fee of £0.50 per audio minute for both transcription and proofreading. For proofreading only my fee is £0.005 per word, and I’ll provide a track changes document along with a professionally formatted final document. My turnaround time is by the EOD, GMT/BST, after 7 days, unless a request is made for a shorter turnaround time. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about how we could work together to satisfy your transcription and proofreading needs.


Typing Speed Test 70 wpm 20230617

2023 United Kingdom

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