APM (PMQ) Project Manager and Virtual Assistant

APM (PMQ) Project Manager and Virtual Assistant

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Last updated: 5 Dec 2023

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As a top-tier Senior Project Manager, I embody the indispensable interface between customers, our company, and development teams. Armed with an APM Level 4 qualification with distinction, PRINCE2, and Agile certifications, I am more than just a manager; I am a strategic advantage, poised to transform your business performance. I deftly convert requirements into actionable blueprints, accurately reflecting client needs into functional specifications and process flows. This meticulous approach ensures projects align with your vision, reducing potential errors and revisions, saving both time and resources. As an adept UAT tester, I deliver a seal of quality, guaranteeing every system runs seamlessly before you receive it. Coupled with comprehensive system training, clients are empowered to fully leverage our products, enhancing their productivity and overall satisfaction. Expertly juggling over 12 contracts concurrently, I am an account management dynamo. I stay ahead of potential issues, swiftly resolve hiccups, and ensure a systematic follow-up, paving the way for smoother operations and optimal customer satisfaction. By choosing me as your Senior Project Manager, you don't just gain a project lead, you acquire a multitude of benefits: Efficiency: My skills streamline operations, reducing time wastage and enhancing productivity. Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and thorough training ensure top-notch product delivery and usage. Risk Reduction: Anticipating and swiftly addressing issues minimizes potential roadblocks. Cost Savings: Effective project management mitigates costly errors and delays. Customer Satisfaction: My commitment to exceeding expectations fosters lasting client relationships. I'm not just about meeting project goals; I'm about transforming your business, driving growth, and boosting your competitive edge in the marketplace. Let's exceed expectations together.

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