Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical Design Engineer

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Professional status: Student

Last updated: 30 Nov 2023

Total work experience: 5 year(s)

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Personal summary

Currently, I am dedicated to my studies as a full-time university student enrolled in a Master's program for Advanced Mechanical Engineering at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom. Prior to pursuing my degree, I accumulated valuable professional experience as a Research and Development Engineer within the Mechanical Industries sector for several years. During my career, I had the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects and gain practical knowledge in the field. Driven by a strong passion for research, I took the initiative to share my findings with the scientific community. As a result, one of my research articles has been successfully published in a respected Scopus Indexed Journal. This achievement not only showcases my commitment to advancing knowledge in the field but also demonstrates my ability to contribute valuable insights to the scientific discourse. Through my academic pursuits, professional background, and research accomplishments, I am eager to continue expanding my expertise in Advanced Mechanical Engineering while actively participating in the exploration of new ideas and innovations within the field.

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