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Filipe Carvalho

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I'm a Design Engineer based in the United Kingdom. I grew up in a little village in Portugal where kids just live day by day doing different kinds of stuff, like ride BMX, play music, and study. Here I was lucky enough to discover some people who help me a lot in my progress on BMX skils). My parents just created a company of CNC where I grew up, where I pass my teenagers days. This start in 2015. Now I'm not riding BMX like old times because In a few years I had a couple of injuries in my back. Since that, I just decide what I want to do of my life because of BMX at that time it was one problem for me. After that, I just start to learn more about my passion Mechanical and cars. I found myself drawing up a few products to one friend of my parents, On that day my small business just started FILIPE DAIS PRODUÇÃO whats is a good thing because it gives me chance to learn and win a few Euros to Invest in my business. This was a perfect situation because it is a Challange and creative outlet, and yes I was total addicted to drawing and make projects. I decided early quick want I want to do of my life, this will be my career. After studying Mechatronics Technician in ETAP, Pombal in Portugal a just try my luck and nowadays I studying BEng Mechanical engineering at Coventry University, I just moved to Coventry, the United Kingdom in hopes of becoming a professional Mechanical Design Developer and learn proper English.



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