Management & Business Strategy Consultant

Management & Business Strategy Consultant

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Last updated: 14 Nov 2023

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I provide businesses high quality strategy consulting, advisory and coaching services. I help shape or reshape a company’s DNA; way of doing things; sources of competitive advantage; and directions for revenue and profit growth. I solve complex strategic problems and risks within dynamic and challenging environments with practical solutions within a firm’s constraints and possibilities. My approach blends wide-ranging top level business knowhow, creativity, and extensive industry experience at operational and board levels. Consulting involves doing strategy projects clients do not have the capacity or expertise for. Advisory provides a second opinion to support strategy teams make optimised decisions. Coaching builds and strengthens leadership and management roles to boost individual effectiveness and build a firm’s culture into a source lasting competitive advantage. I serve start-ups and SMEs. Strategy services I offer include: 1. Business Strategy: building sustainable competitive advantages. This includes competito benchmarking, war-gaming and more. 2. Corporate Strategy: solutions to increase revenues and profitability. 3. Sustainability Strategy: shaping firms to do good and be profitable into one. 4. CSR, Ethics and Governance: solutions for good risk management and brand enhancing behaviours. 5. People Strategy: building a firm’s people into lasting competitive advantage. 6. Cost Optimisation Strategy: solutions to reduce costs with improved or maintained value provided to customers. 7. Innovation Strategy: solutions to increase innovation capabilities; value from products, services, and processes; and form new markets and brands. 8. Strategic Analysis: providing effective external, internal, competitor, and/or customer insights to develop sound competitive and growth strategic choices.

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