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I am bilingual in English and Spanish, with experience of teaching, writing, and translation in both languages. As a graduate of the University of Edinburgh with an MA in Spanish and Italian, I went on to complete a stage (trainee internship) with the Directorate-General of the Environment at the European Commission in Brussels, during which I was called upon to translate policy documents into English. My career then progressed into teaching English as a Foreign Language to students in businesses and at universities in a number of different countries. This experience as an English teacher and tutor enabled me to develop excellent communication, grammar, and educational skills. I contributed literary and educational materials for a number of English courses from kindergarten to university level. During this period, I also spent a year studying for a postgraduate MPhil in Media and Culture specialising in Film at the University of Glasgow. In the past five years, I have become the author of a highly rated and well-reviewed book series. I have published the first three novels in the series so far and am now working on the fourth. My work is extensively researched and I have been commended for the quality of my writing. As a published author with a website and online blog of my own, I am able to produce writing of superior quality tailored to a specific readership while meeting deadlines. Currently, I am a freelance book reviewer and writer for BookBrowse, and in the last four years I have also published book reviews online with Elite Group (previously Breakaway Reviewers) on NetGalley, Goodreads, Waterstones, and Amazon. My book reviews have been praised and several of them have been used for book promotional purposes.

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