Investment Administrator/Cloud Services/IT Customer Services

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Willingness to travel: On request

Professional status: Student

Last updated: 4 May 2023

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Language skills: French, German,

Personal summary

I am returning work after 7 years out following a combination of health and family. In June 2016 I suddenly developed massive tonic/clonic seizures which I had no prior experience of. I was at an interview in Manchester in 2017 when I had a seizure on the stairs and broke my spine and developed MRSA so spent 4 months in hospital receiving treatment for this infection which I was very fortunate with. The seizures were caused by a brain haemmorhage I had no knowledge of. Aound this time, my father started developing dementia and to enable him to remain in his home, I became his carer and also started studying for a change of direction in my career, ideally using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. I am now aiming to become a part-time student with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Data Science. My father passed away in July last year so I believe I am well positioned to demonstrate my value to any organisation which values team working, resourceful and object-focused individuals. I should note that my seizures are very well controlled now by medication and I have not had any for over a year but I will have to spend another year before driving again.

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