Eddi Sade

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Willingness to travel: Within the UK

Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 24 Oct 2023

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Language skills: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese,

Personal summary

Growth-focused and analytical professional with substantial experience in leading all facets of digital sales and marketing operations. Well-versed in developing robust e-commerce multichannel acquisition strategies (SEO, Facebook ads, Google & Snapchat Ads, Influencers, emailing) and conducting compelling digital marketing, Pay per click ad, and split testing campaigns for driving digital awareness/engagement. Talent for researching latest trends, analysing market/consumer needs, and securing lucrative sales/business growth opportunities. Known for generating revenue, increasing customer lifetime value, maintaining sales pipelines, optimising conversion rate, and streamlining organisational processes. Excel at spearheading multiple projects, managing budgets, and cross-selling goods/services.

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Fluent knowledge


Fluent knowledge