MSc Health Psychology graduate | Artist and Designer | Shop Owner

MSc Health Psychology graduate | Artist and Designer | Shop Owner

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Last updated: 20 Jun 2023

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Need a Health Psychology graduate with a passion for art and design, and shop owner experience? I am an aspiring Health Psychologist and Businesswoman who helps people grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Also, I gravitate towards art and design, creative works and divination. I have developed a passion for not only creating but also educating and guiding people on spiritual topics. Here's what I can do for you: • Consult on health-related topics. • Apply my Health Psychology graduate skills. • Assist with health promotion. • Help improve sustainability by providing my opinion and offering guidance. • Increase health awareness. As a freelancer consultant, I can gain work experience. Hire me if you are looking to become more health-conscious or improve the health standards of your business. I may be new to freelancing, but I can grow with your support.

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