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Last updated: 14 Aug 2023

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Throughout my career, I have contributed to positive business results through effective organisation, prioritisation and follow-through of key organisational projects. My strengths and qualifications make me a great freelancer and will bring immediate value to your company. In my former roles, I worked for government and private institutions where I exercised a detail-oriented typing and editing along with a calculated and methodical approach to problem-solving. My duties included gathering and checking data on spelling and writing, correcting errors. It was also necessary to contribute to the drafting of reports and summaries. As part of my previous work, I was providing written and oral briefings to the team leader and manager. While I am independently motivated, I appreciate collective efforts and collaborate productively within group settings. To illustrate the scope of my career history and professional competencies, please take a moment to review my enclosed profile summary. I am grateful for your evaluation of my credentials and subsequent response.


Business administration level 2

2021 United Kingdom

Occupational studies at workplace

2022 United Kingdom

Customer service level 1

2022 United Kingdom

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Fluent knowledge