IT Consultant / Technical Support / Project Management

IT Consultant / Technical Support / Project Management

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Last updated: 27 Jun 2024

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Personal summary

I am a strategic Project Coordinator skilled in overseeing both large- and small-scale projects. Evaluates requirements to determine scope and feasibility and manages resources to support on-time delivery within established budget parameters. As a resourceful and industrious professional, I bring forth exceptional administrative and organizational capabilities. My proficiency in communication is complemented by advanced IT acumen, particularly in MS Office suite. I am adept at assimilating the latest ideas and concepts swiftly, with a strong inclination towards acquiring new competencies and technical expertise. My ability to operate autonomously, as well as collaboratively within a team, is evidenced by my drive and adeptness at multitasking, ensuring that stringent deadlines are met without compromising quality. I am articulate and proactive, embodying a professional and assured demeanour coupled with superior interpersonal abilities, enabling effective communication across all organizational levels. I have recently set up my own IT Consultancy (AJP Computing) through which I aim to provide ongoing, concise support and expertise as well as project management for businesses and the general populace.

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