Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Hourly rate: members only

Availability: members only

Willingness to travel: Nearby (100 km)

Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 5 Jun 2024

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Language skills: English,

Personal summary

Dedicated and adaptable Virtual Assistant with a strong foundation in administrative support and junior development. Bringing over 2 years of administrative experience complemented by recent hands-on experience in software development. Adept at managing calendars, handling correspondence, and performing data entry with meticulous attention to detail. Proficient in using a variety of office software, including Microsoft Office Suite and Google Workspace, as well as development tools like Git, Visual Studio Code, and basic programming languages. Known for excellent organizational skills, a proactive approach, and the ability to efficiently manage multiple tasks. Committed to leveraging both administrative and technical skills to enhance client productivity and streamline operations. Eager to apply a diverse skill set to provide comprehensive virtual assistance and support. Key Skills: Administrative Support: Calendar management, scheduling, email handling, and travel arrangements. Technical Proficiency: Experience with Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Git, Visual Studio Code, Java, SQL, and basic coding skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Communication: Professional and effective communication with clients and team members. Data Management: Accurate data entry, database management, and record-keeping. Problem-Solving: Proactive in identifying and addressing administrative and technical issues. Project Assistance: Support in coordinating and tracking project progress, ensuring deadlines are met.

Language skills


Native speaker