Construction Estimating and Project Management

Construction Estimating and Project Management

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Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 10 Feb 2024

Total work experience: 43 year(s)

Language skills: English,

Personal summary

I thought taking early retirement would be fun, but I enjoy working. I didn't realise how much I enjoyed what I did until I stopped. I tried all of the usual things that retirees participate in and found that they do not challenge me. Therefore, at a young 57 years of age, I am looking for some new challenges within my skillset and related to the industry that I love, construction. If you are looking for someone to write construction reports, generate quotations for small to medium sized construction jobs, write Risk Assessments, or Health and Safety Documents, give me a call. As a freelancer with decades of positive experiences, I'm sure I will bring value to your business.

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