Andy McCaughtrie

Andy McCaughtrie

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Last updated: 2 Feb 2024

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A highly experienced and capable Change and Implementation manager and Coach, Andrew has worked successfully in numerous client companies in the areas of Operational Excellence, business process re-engineering, new process implementation and group/121 training and coaching. As well as the coaching of personnel – daily support, answering queries and training - Andrew has successfully managed the project side of things as well as the behavioural/cultural change aspects and performance assessment. Andrew has also been specifically responsible for the development and delivery of tailored training courses for key positions. Andrew works well at all levels of the client organisation and is happy working in technical projects as well as more people-based ones – the two usually go together. Andrew has also worked on projects all around the world – many times were English was not the first language – in refining, manufacturing, and upstream oil industries, ensuring broad experience of different cultures and countries.

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