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Last updated: 27 Jan 2024

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Personal summary

During my years spent in management roles across Customer Experience, Processing and 2nd Line Technical Support teams, I developed a passion for improvement projects to ease the frustrations and inefficiencies I could see in my team’s day to day and across the business. I then had the opportunity for a role in a new team whose focus was to identify the business needs and challenges, and develop solutions for these whether may be operational, people, or process challenges. My main focus on this team was as an Analyst, spending time with teams, analysing data and processes and running workshops to identify the root cause of any issues, and recommending suitable improvement projects. I was also responsible for requirements gathering for any software development projects, implementing any low-code solutions and working alongside developers and testers for larger development solutions. I handled the change management programme for any new or amended processes, provide training and initial support for these new systems, eventually integrating them into our wider support teams. Working on several projects at once to successful completion, I thrived on thinking creatively to solve internal team frustrations and customer experience challenges, whilst improving efficiency and cost savings for the business.

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